Create harmony and perfection in this world by helping lost objects get back to the places they belong. Walk around in this cute and wholesome puzzle game for all ages.

Created by a team of two humans during GGJ 2019


Beto el honesto/ beto the honest 

When Luis Castañeda, the major of Lima, decided to paint over all the street art with yellow paint in downtown Lima Beto the honest was born. A simple video game of the last honest employer of the municipality of a far away city that is forced to paint over all the art in the city without any explanation about why.  The game includes cultural information about street art and the gains of cultural management in a city.  



La cena/The dinner

This dialogue game plays with the experience of a dinner. As the dinner progresses, you might start suspecting something more is happening. The more you ask the worst it will be. Good luck, let's hope you can taste dessert. 
Global Game Jam (2016)




Galactic trial is a simulation video game. This is a game where the player needs to decide who is guilty by assessing the accusations and subjective information provided by the game.
Global Game Jam (2015)




The Book of Onion is a point and click adventure. It’s the story of a young wizard trying to accomplish his OMG (Obligatory Magicians Graundwork). Inspired by the classics of the point and click genre, the game boasts new features and innovative mechanics making it a completely new experience.
(WORK IN PROGRESS. This video is an old gameplay version.) 



Ranger's guide Tambopata Perú, World Conservation Society (WCS)

Comic about "Kerosene".  Member of the paramilitary group Colina

Carbon monitoring manual. WWF 

Portfolios for "Hermanos Magia".

Tambopata National Park Map. WCS


Illustration for Terebi Magazine

Illustration for Terebi Magazine

Los Zapping_LaCostadelPacifico_AAFF.jpg
zapping ballena2.jpg
Fabrica copy.jpg



Art projects



Remixgrafía, art for the public domain, is a participatory art project. It is a web platform that allows users to download art pieces, intervene them, and upload them back on to share them on the platform. The project plays with the concepts of appropriation and authorship, dealing with the idea of how an image posted online can be used by other people and evolve with their intervention. The intention is to validate that all new images and media created online are a new expression of art.

The image found on the right is the original image uploaded onto the platform. Below you will find some examples of the interventions uploaded onto the platform by other users.


Prescencias Invisibles/ Invisible presences 

Invisible Presences is an interactive installation that prompts visitors to visualize space through the descriptive memories of somebody else. The project approaches this experience through the theme of bus stops in Lima, Peru. Their existence is defined not by a predetermined stop, but a construction of the collective. Many bus stops are not signposted but called out by the names of places, and most likely, places that don’t exist any more.

ejercicio de v.jpg

The culmination of an extensive research project of public spaces and urban transportation in Lima, this installation tests what defines the existence of a place. Perhaps it is less about the materiality and tactile experience but the symbolic construction assembled from the imaginary and experiences of the collective.

This project also lives in the form of an art book. It contains audio collections, descriptions and drawings of these places that still live thanks to language and their daily xxxxxxxxx as places of passing.